How do I dose my peptides?

Category: Product Dosing
AOD-9406200 – 300mcgDaily6 – 12 weeks
Can be run up to 6 months
BPC-157General Use 400 – 600mcg
Injury Use 200 – 300mcg
Daily4 – 12 weeks
IGF-1 LR350 – 100mcgDaily4 to 6 weeks
IPAMORELIN100mcg – 200mcgDaily / Split dosage morning and night8 to 12 weeks
Melanotan 2 (MT2)100mcg to 200mcgDailyUntil you reached desired tan level
Sermorelin200mcgDaily / Split dosing12 weeks to 6 months
TB-5005mgSplit dose into 2.5mg twice a week4 – 12 weeks
Tesamorelin2mgDaily8 – 12 weeks
CJC-1295 with dac2mgWeekly8 to 12 weeks
CJC-1295 without dac150mcg to 250mcgDaily / Split dosing8 to 12 weeks
Retatrutide2mg a week for 1 month
4mg a week for 2nd month
6mg a week for 3rd month
9mg a week for 4th month
12mg a week for remaning months
Weekly1 – 4 months
Semaglutide0.25mg for 4 weeks
0.5mg for additonal months
Increase as required monthly
Weekly1 – 4 months
Tirzepatide2.5mg first two weeks
5mg for two weeks
7.5mg for two weeks
10 mg for two weeks
Weekly, increase dosage every 2 weeks1 – 3 months
PT-1411mg 1 hour before any sexual activityas neededNIL
MOTS-C5mg – 10mgWeekly. If doing 10mg then split dosage twice a week1 – 2 months

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