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No, we are no longer allowing cancellations. We can give you store credit.

Category: Payments

This would be violating their terms and conditions as the items we sell are considered risky and not approved by them.

You may ask “how come other sarm companies accept card cards?… well they are either risking getting barred from the merchant or processing payments overseas. Likely are also sending your packages from overseas as well

We also value privacy and hence its best to use our preferred payment methods of Bitcoin and Cardless Cash

Category: Payments

You will get an email after payment has been received. The contents of the email will contain
” Your order has been received and is now being processed “

This means we have received your payment and have started packing your order.

You will get an email once the item has been shipped.

Category: Payments
  1. Bitcoin
  2. Cardless Cash

BITCOIN is preferred as it protects your privacy.
Please see our guide on how to buy BTC

Do not ask us to pay via bank transfer as we simply do not have the means to accept payment this way.

We only accept cardless cash from commbank / westpac related bank.
We are unable to accept paypal / bank transfer or credit card directly. If you wish to buy bitcoin with credit card you can via our guide.

Cardless Cash

Simply place the order as you usually do and just select BTC and checkout, this is simply to generate an order number. Then generate a code and amount via your bank app, or code and pin if its commbank. Send us the code via live chat 4pm AEST

Westpac you can send the code around 1pm as it has a 3 hour timer

Category: Payments

Each order has a unique wallet address that is linked to your order. Every-time you generate a new order a new wallet is assigned to that order.

Category: Payments

Be advised coupons are subject to the following conditions

  • Unable to be used when there is a sale
  • Unable to be stacked unless its a gift coupon
  • Unable to be reused unless we have given you a custom one
  • Automated coupons cannot be redeemed after you made a purchase. This also applies when sales are running
Category: Payments

We display all prices in AUD

Product (13)

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No, at this stage we do not offer a return address.

This is not only a health risk but a security risk.

Be advised the following reasons are not grounds for a return/refund
– Side effects
– You dropped or damaged the bottle
– Item did not really work ( be advised we would need bloodwork results to verify this)

Its up to you to research side effects etc

Category: Product

We have taken the time to test all our SARMS via MZ Biolabs LLC

All certificates can be verified by emailing them via their contact form

All test results are displayed on each product page and via the link below

If you want to do your testing on our products, email us after you have tested it and we will reimburse you including $50 credit to your store. Our budget limit for product testing is $150 USD and should not exceed this amount. Australian labs charge in excess of $2000 AUD so this is out of the question.

Category: Product

We only offer your money back if you can prove to us the items we sold to you were fake or underdose. We have HPLC tests already to prove they are real. We offer you credit if you get the items tested and show us the results yourself

As we are unable to control someone’s diet and training this money back guarantee can be abused by scammers who order under different names and ask for a refund while continuing to use our products

Category: Product

We were backed by RATS ARMY in the USA before they closed down and also are featured on sarmsinfo instagram page.

RATS ARMY was a very popular company in the USA and @sarmsinfo has a very large Instagram following and only recommends the best sources out there.

We also have all our HPLC tests posted on each product page

Category: Product

Store SARMS and PCT at room temperature to ensure optimal preservation.

Avoid refrigerating them, as this can lead to solidification. Keeping them at room temperature allows for proper stability and longevity.

Category: Product

You should always store PEPTIDES, HCG & HCG in the fridge even in powder form.

This is to increase its shelf life and make sure the product stays stable

Never put them in the freezer. This will ruin your product

Be advised if you live in areas that have temps below 15c you can leave them at room temp

Category: Product

All our bottles are made to last 1 month at the recommended dosage listed on the bottle.

All SARMS are 30ml and daily intake is usually 1ml a day.

Please read our dosing guide to get a better understanding of how to dose

Category: Product

12 – 14 months

Category: Product

12 – 14 months

Category: Product

We try and display the most accurate ETA on the actual product. Please make sure you check the ETA displayed on the product.

Please add yourself to the waitlist to be notified as soon as we get the stock in. This is the fastest way to know. Emailing us just delays the process.

Category: Product

This can happen due to changes in the temperature. This happens when the product goes onto a plane and is exposed to extremely cold temps or colder temperatures in general.

To solve this is very simple

  1. Boil some water
  2. Fill a cup about halfway
  3. Place your research compound bottle into the cup and wait 10 minutes
  4. Shake and repeat until it has dissolved.

We have modified our latest SARM batches so this should no longer happen, however, on the rare occurrence that it does please follow the steps above. If all else fails email us.

Category: Product

We use flavoring to mask the natural taste of the product. This simply is in the product to make it easier to swallow.

This does not mean the product is fake.

Category: Product

We include this with items that purchase clen. Clen requires a very minimal dose so please use the syringe to dose your clen

Product Dosing (5)

Category: Product Dosing

There are a lot of Clenbuterol cycles and it often ranges from about 2 weeks to 10 weeks or even longer than that (like 12 weeks). It is however advised that you should have at least 15% body fat before you can use this cycle. One common Clenbuterol cycle is the 2 weeks on 2 weeks off method which will look like this table below

If you’re using our 200mcg bottle please use the following dosing guide for the amount of ml you should take

0.1ml = 20mcg

1ml = 200mcg

You can increase on the second time around. Do not increase dose if you’re getting the shakes.

Day 140mcg / 0.2ml
Day 240mcg / 0.2ml
Day 340mcg / 0.2ml
Day 440mcg / 0.2ml
Day 560mcg / 0.3ml
Day 660mcg / 0.3ml
Day 780mcg / 0.4ml
Day 880mcg / 0.4ml
Day 9100mcg / 0.5ml
Day 10100mcg / 0.5ml
Day 1180mcg / 0.4ml
Day 1280mcg / 0.4ml
Day 1360mcg / 0.3ml
Day 1440mcg / 0.2ml
Category: Product Dosing

Only use a high dose when stacking SARMS such as RAD140 and LGD4033 or 2 SARMS at one time per cycle.

If you only use one SARM you can use a low dose

SARMS that require PCT

RAD-140, LGD-3303, LGD-4033, YK-11, S4. MK2866

NolvadexHigh Dose: 40mg/day (1ml) for 2 weeks, then reduce to 20mg/day (0.5ml) for 2 weeks

Low Dose: 20mg/day (0.5ml) for 2 weeks, then reduce to 10mg/day (0.25ml) for 2 weeks
4 weeks total
ClomidHigh Dose: 50mg/day (1ml) for 2 weeks, then reduce to 25mg/day (0.5ml) for 2 weeks

Low Dose: 25mg/day (0.5ml) for 2 weeks, then reduce to 12.5mg/day (0.25ml) for 2 weeks
4 weeks total
Arimidex0.5mg every other day (as needed during SARMS cycle)Duration of SARMS cycle
Aromasin12.5mg every other day (0.5ml)Duration as needed
Raloxifene60mg/day (1ml)
Duration as needed
Enclomiphene6.25mg/day (0.25ml)Duration as needed
Note: Dosages are provided in milligrams (mg) and milliliters (ml) for ease of administration. Adjustments in dosage may be necessary based on individual response and consultation with a healthcare provider is recommended.
Category: Product Dosing
AOD-9406200 – 300mcgDaily6 – 12 weeks
Can be run up to 6 months
BPC-157General Use 400 – 600mcg
Injury Use 200 – 300mcg
Daily4 – 12 weeks
IGF-1 LR350 – 100mcgDaily4 to 6 weeks
IPAMORELIN100mcg – 200mcgDaily / Split dosage morning and night8 to 12 weeks
Melanotan 2 (MT2)100mcg to 200mcgDailyUntil you reached desired tan level
Sermorelin200mcgDaily / Split dosing12 weeks to 6 months
TB-5005mgSplit dose into 2.5mg twice a week4 – 12 weeks
Tesamorelin2mgDaily8 – 12 weeks
CJC-1295 with dac2mgWeekly8 to 12 weeks
CJC-1295 without dac150mcg to 250mcgDaily / Split dosing8 to 12 weeks
Retatrutide2mg a week for 1 month
4mg a week for 2nd month
6mg a week for 3rd month
9mg a week for 4th month
12mg a week for remaning months
Weekly1 – 4 months
Semaglutide0.25mg for 4 weeks
0.5mg for additonal months
Increase as required monthly
Weekly1 – 4 months
Tirzepatide2.5mg first two weeks
5mg for two weeks
7.5mg for two weeks
10 mg for two weeks
Weekly, increase dosage every 2 weeks1 – 3 months
PT-1411mg 1 hour before any sexual activityas neededNIL
MOTS-C5mg – 10mgWeekly. If doing 10mg then split dosage twice a week1 – 2 months

Category: Product Dosing
Research ChemicalMale DoseFemale DoseAdministrationPCT Needed (Males Only)
RAD-14020mg/day (1ml)Not suitable for femalesOnce daily in the morningYes
LGD-403310mg/day (1ml)5mg/day (0.5ml)Once daily in the morningYes
LGD-330320mg/day (1ml)Not suitable for femalesOnce daily in the morningYes
YK-1110mg/day (1ml)Not suitable for femalesSplit doses, morning and afternoon, 8 hours apartYes
MK-286625mg/day (1ml)12.5mg/day (0.5ml)Once daily in the morningYes
S450mg/day (1ml)25mg/day (0.5ml)Split doses, morning and afternoon, 8 hours apartYes
S-2320mg/day (1ml)Not suitable for femalesOnce daily in the morningYes
MK-67720mg/day (1ml)10mg/day (0.5ml)1 hour before bedtimeNo
GW-50151620mg/day (1ml)20mg/day (1ml)Split doses, morning and 30 min before workoutNo
SR900920mg/day (1ml)20mg/day (1ml)Split doses, morning, afternoon, and after workoutNo
CLENSee CLEN dosing tableSee CLEN dosing tableSee CLEN dosing tableNo
Note: Dosages are provided in milligrams (mg) and milliliters (ml) for ease of administration. Split doses and timing recommendations are included for optimal effectiveness. Research is recommended, especially regarding PCT requirements for males.
Category: Product Dosing

We advise a minimum duration of 8 weeks for your cycle.

For detailed instructions on dosing your SARMS and PCT, please refer to the provided dosing guide.

Kindly note that if you contact us after 4 weeks stating dissatisfaction with your results, we may not be able to offer immediate solutions.

Additionally, we recommend conducting thorough online research. Explore cycle logs and reviews from other research participants.

It’s important to acknowledge that research chemicals yield varied results among individual test subjects.

Shipping (11)

Category: Shipping

At this time we only ship within Australia and New Zealand.

Category: Shipping

We have been in business for many years and have several reviews across the web

Usually our customers do like to remain anonymous hence we do not publish reviews online

Please google mr sarm reviews and you will find what you’re looking for.

Category: Shipping

Once the payment has cleared please see the table below. This does not include the time that it takes for us to dispatch the item. This timeline only outlines how long it takes once its posted.

Please be advised this does not include natural disaster delays such as flooding, fires etc. This is simply a guide.

We also do not control the postal service so please do not ask us where the package is. We will simply look at your tracking and give you the same information.

Category: Shipping

Yes, all items we send are very discreet. Your items will arrive in a prepaid express post satchel with no markings from our company.

Category: Shipping

If your item is lost there is nothing we can do. This is a risk you are agreeing to undertake as part of ordering from us.

If the item has arrived damaged we will require photo evidence and we can replace the item. This is a case by case basis

If you have put the wrong address on the package we take no responsibility for this. We will not reship.

Category: Shipping

We use Auspost Expresss Post Satchels. All parcels are discreet and do not contain any branding.

Category: Shipping

We usually dispatch all items within 24 hours, however, this can sometimes take a maximum of 3 days at peak times. Keep an eye in your inbox for your tracking information.

Be advised shipping dispatch times do not include
– Weekends
– Public Holidays
– Days when the post office is closed

If you purchase on a Friday sometimes the item may not ship till Monday / Tuesday.

Category: Shipping


Category: Shipping

We ship domestically within Australia.

Category: Shipping

Please allow a minimum of 4 days for the tracking number to go from pending to being scanned in. Sometimes sorting facilities can take time to be scanned into the system.

Be advised sometimes their might not be a scan till delivery date or even 2 weeks after it was sent

This is not something we control as we do not operate Australia Post

Please be patient with the scanning.

Category: Shipping

Yes, your tracking number will arrive in your email automatically. Please make sure to check your spam/junk folders just in case you haven’t received anything after 3 days. Please do not email us without checking your spam folder.

*3 days does not apply to accepted preorders*